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One of the world's great and secret "Ancient Forests". Most are not aware of the historical significance of the Royal Forest of Dean where Kings were born, and the tales of Arthur were written. Of a race of people not fully understood who mined for iron, stone, and coal. They lived in the hundred of St, Briavel's, given rights for their bravery in battles for "Tyme out of Mynde".
Chepstow Castle
Once you enter the Forest you'll never want to leave. This story is not so much about noblemen as it is about a people known as Foresters. The author, Brian Waters best described the Foresters with this comment, " The Forester is civil but not servile".
Where the great oak timber, hard as iron, was harvested to build the ships of Sir Francis Drake, Lord Nelson, and others.
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Viking, Scot, Anglo-Saxon, Irish, French Norman, Welsh
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